As Poland joined the European Community on May 1st 2004, there is a great joy among Western Men. Now, as the markets are open with Poland there are better possibilities to buy a Polish Wife. For this occasion there was an amazing SALE of Polish Wifes in Berlin during that time. One could come and buy a Polish Wife at the ZERO Gallery in Berlin. It was the first ever SALE of Polish Wifes abroad.

We will keep you informed where are next great SALES!!!

04. 2004 - Galerie ZERO, Berlin, during TERrA Polska Festival
Polish Wife first time ever shown for sale!

28-30. 05. 2004 - Regenbogenfabrik, Berlin - 8pm
The SALE starts at 8pm and will be followed by a reading of the Polish Wife blog.

06. 2004 - Collegium Polonicum, Slubice
In the border city of Slubice you can buy Polish Wife!

09. 2004 - 4th International Literature Festival, Polski Instytut Kultury, Berlin
Sale at the Polish Culture Institute!

09 2004 - 1. Berliner Kunstsalon, Berlin
Polish Wife for sale at the big Art Fair! Special opportunity!

12. 2004 - Club der polnischen Versager, Berlin
Very short sale, only 4 hours!

12. 2004 – Slubfurt e.V., Frankfurt (Oder)
Polish Wife in Slubfurt for Christmas!

03.2005 - “Art of Women, Women in art“, Składnica Sztuk, Olsztyn
Special sale in Olsztym for International Womens Day

06.2005 - FIRANKA, Berlin
Polish Wife for sale with vodka gratis!

16.10.2005 - Fine Arts Academy, Toruń
Special offer in Toruń, together with German Husband for sale!

24.10.2005 - Konsum!, Weimar
Real SALE! Come and get yourself a Polsih Wife!

09.05 - 22.06.2008 - HackFemFest - Kunstraum Kreuzberg/ Bethanien
Polish Wife is waiting there for you!

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