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Poland is a garden of nature and a treasure trove of cultural riches. It is a democracy located in the heart of Europe, inhabited by beuatiful women, friendly, hospitable people in a modern surrounding, yet dearly cherishing their cultural heritage.

Poland is one of the larger European countries, conveniantly situated in the middle of the continent and at the crossroads of important transit routes. Poland is not in Eastern Europe but in the middle of it! Do not forget about that!

Both Poland's capital and its largest cities are attractive vacation destinations for those interested in history, the cultural heritage and of course beautiful women. One can find them not only in big cities but also in the lovely and romantic countryside. What is important - there are conveniant connections to Poland by air, rail and road.

A journey across Poland is not only an opportunity to visit historical points of interest, but also to taste local cuisine and wonderful polish women, take advantage of Poland's strong ties to the European tradition of contemporary culture and art, such as painting, poster art, music and applied art such as artisitc glassware, tapestries and cermaics.

Poland guarantees its visitors oodles of adrenaline for the adventure hungry, undwinding at natural site for those who fancy peace and tranquility, and those looking for female entertainment will experience the fun of a lifetime.

Poland is a unique country. People are very warm and hostile. Get to know Poland as you may go and visit.

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Poland is a country where all women are well dressed. It is the style and quality that are so intriguing. If you wish to have a Polish Wife - you will not regret to show her to your friends. Remember - you will not be ashamed, they will all envy you! The other advantage is that Polish Wives are less expensive in use as the Russian ones.

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It is very interesting to make business contacts with Poland. If you get a Polish Wife, why not trying to set up a business with/in Poland. Poland is a great country for Western businessmen. Extra pleasure, extra money! Find out here what you can import - export to Poland.

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