Wedding Gifts!

Here you can get an impression what can you possibly buy for your Polish wife as a present. Remember, she will be happy if you give her anything. Polish women usually do not have so much money, unless they have a boyfriend. Therefore you can be satisfied with one of our gifts.

Allthough at the moment we do not provide the service for ordering gifts, but in the future we plan to do so.

Find your ideas for gifts!
A set of candles. Remember, in some polish homes there is no electricity! They may need candles. Plus extra set of matches.
A lovely set of dinner plates and cups. As you will invite your friends to your house, she can prepare a great meal!

A practical set for needlework, stitching and knitting. She would love it since many polish women do home crafts.

An amazing edition of Bible, covered with high quality leather. Every polish woman should have one of those!
A brand new iron for your wife´s home activities! You may spend some money on that, it will be worth it!

A warm furry hat. In Poland as you know, winters are terrible. Before your future wife gets her visa to your country she may wait in Poland. She will need it!
A mobile phone. Since many polish women do not have one, your wife will be then able to be reached by you at any time.

If your woman has a son, she would love the idea that you care about him too. A nice football ball would be a nice gift!
A lovely set of pans and pots. Remember - polish women are great cooks! You will not regret that!

A nice equipment for your wife´s favourite activity! In many colors!
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